Blue Oyster Culture blueoysterculture
Blue Oyster Culture Syringe (Pleurotus columbinus): SW
Blue Oyster Culture Syringe (Pleurotus columbinus): SW

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Type: Edible Substrate: Pasteurized straw, wood chips, sawdust, various grains, coffee grounds, agricultural waste, newspaper and cardboard. Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures 70-75F/60-70F

An attractive blue tinted Oyster mushroom with cultivation requirements similar to the Pearl or Common oyster mushroom. Blue Oysters fruit easily on a wide range of substrates and are good candidates for recycling wood and paper waste into edible mushrooms.

As with all Oyster mushrooms, Blue Oysters need plenty of fresh air to develop normally. High carbon dioxide levels from mushroom metabolism will accumulate in sealed growing environments and can reduce cap size and elongate stems severely. Fruiting in open humidity chambers with frequent fresh air exchange will produce best possible yields. Blue coloration is very pronounced, especially in the early stages of development through maturation. Overly mature specimens loose deep blue coloration but retain a slight blue tint.

Our culture filled syringes are guaranteed clean and viable. They are created with pure isolated culture of mushroom mycelium suspended in a nutrient solution inside a hypodermic syringe.

Culture syringes are useful for inoculating sterile substrates, liquid cultures and agar. Our current batch of offered culture syringes utilizes B-D 10cc syringes with luer-lock and 16ga 1-1/2 inch needles. Orders containing syringes will be shipped in small white cardboard boxes sized approximately 10 x 2 x 2 inches. International syringe orders will contain customs labels indicating the contents of the package.

Botanical Name:  Pleurotus columbinus 

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